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Faking a placeholder Attribute for an Editable div, and Some CSS Tricks

HTML input elements have a placeholder attribute which you can use to show a bit of text to prompt the end user. Although you can make an editable div by using the contenteditable attribute, it will not support the placeholder attribute. I needed to do both, so I ended up reinventing the placeholder attribute for [...]

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Would You Buy a Used Framework from This Tool?

I think the Web Platform Installer is a great tool, but I have to question the wisdom of its home page:

If you click on these, you see… nothing. A description would be nice. ("Application Request Routing? What’s that? EC-CUBE?")
But that’s not really the problem. The bigger problem is this: A "spotlighted installers" feature probably sounded [...]

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An Excuse Not to Roll Your Own Authentication Scheme

The Rails 3.1 Release Candidate announcement contained news of many new and useful features, plus these regretful words:
has_secure_password: Dead-simple BCrypt-based passwords. Now there’s no excuse not to roll your own authentication scheme.
I will briefly provide an excuse.
"Simple BCrypt-based passwords" is a reasonable feature, but shouldn’t be mistaken for end-to-end authentication, or even a substantial subset [...]

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A Better View API for Grids in ASP.NET MVC

I’m writing a grid-independent interface for displaying data in ASP.NET MVC applications, and I would like your feedback on the API design.
In my last post, I discussed some of the problems with existing grid components for ASP.NET MVC. Actually, there are a couple more design issues which I forgot to mention in that post. I’ll [...]

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One (MVC) Grid to Rule Them All

Imagine you’re starting a new project using ASP.NET MVC. Let’s say it’s a project which frequently requires displaying a list of records, like Google or Stack Overflow or an enterprise database application. Which grid should you use?
The obvious answer is, "I don’t know. I’m just getting started. Does it really matter, right now?" Don’t you [...]

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How to Avoid Cut and Paste Code with ASP.NET MVC 2 Model Validation

In this post, I will demonstrate how to make your own model validation attributes in order to share common validations throughout an ASP.NET MVC application, and which support MVC 2’s client-side validation feature.
Validating a ZIP Code
As an example, consider a model for an address.

public class EditModel
public Guid Id { get; set; [...]

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grid.history: A New, Free Integration for jqGrid and jQuery BBQ

I recently finished an integration between the open source jqGrid and jQuery BBQ libraries. I have released my integration as open source, as well. As with both projects, it is dual-licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.
jqGrid is a JavaScript grid component with many useful features. I have previously explained how to use it with [...]

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How to Think Like the Entity Framework Presentation Available for Free Download

My CodeRage presentation, "How to Think Like the Entity Framework (and why you might want to bother learning that in the first place)," is now available for free download.
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How to Customize ASP.NET MVC Authentication

If you are developing a web application which requires authentication or security features not included in the regular ASP.NET membership feature, you might decide to implement these features yourself. But it seems as if the first instinct of many ASP.NET MVC developers is to do this by customizing their Controllers, because they’ve decided that AuthorizeAttribute [...]

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Columbus Give Camp

This past weekend I, along with around 50 other local geeks, volunteered three days of my time to build web applications for eight different Columbus-area nonprofits. Columbus Give Camp is based on a similar series of events in Michigan. The Columbus Give Camp was hosted by Quick Solutions, who, conveniently, are located five floors above [...]

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