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URIs Should Be Persistent

When you are creating a new URI for a site you are building, give it a lot of thought. You should aim to design a URI which can last forever. Of course, this is not news. Jakob Nielsen said it 10 years ago. But in the intervening 10 years, we’ve gone from URIs which typically [...]

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A Functional View of A Web Server

A few days ago, I opined that, "Web applications, as a class, are extremely easy to debug." I’m going to further explain why I think that is true by introducing a useful abstraction which you can employ when you are debugging a web application which doesn’t seem to do what is is intended to do.
When [...]

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The Web Is Just Text

In the beginning (around 1990 or so), the World Wide Web was composed of three parts:

HTML, a markup language for displaying rich documents
HTTP, a stateless protocol for communicating with a web server
The URI, a short, standardized reference to a network resource

Almost 20 years later, very little has changed, especially from the point of view of [...]

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