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What ASP.NET MVC Did Learn from Rails

This morning, I saw two different posts from Rails developers who were newly learning ASP.NET MVC, both bemoaning the fact that ASP.NET MVC does not supply/force upon you one particular ORM. The dependency on ActiveRecord is, to my way of thinking, a shortcoming of Rails, which the Rails community is presently doing an exceptional job [...]

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The ADO.NET Entity Framework vs. NHibernate and Other ORMs

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had occasion to look fairly closely at the ADO.NET Entity Framework, and compare it to NHibernate. Of course, before I even started, I went out and read what other people had to say on the subject. Many people point to this post by Dan Simmons as approximating the "official" Microsoft position on the subject, and commenters around the web seem to focus specifically on what band calls "a [not yet delivered, but] much larger vision of an entity-aware data platform." That’s interesting, but there are differences which exist today which are perhaps even more interesting.

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