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On Learning Programming and Math at Coursera

Coursera, Udacity, MIT Open Courseware, and other such sites are useful to me because they decouple the desire to learn college-level material from the expense and regulations of earning (another) diploma. The latter isn’t compelling to me today, but the former certainly is.
I’ve now taken three Coursera courses: Functional Programming Principles in Scala, Social Network [...]

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Strange Loop Crossword

I wrote a 15*15, NYT-style crossword puzzle for Strange Loop. On the NYT difficulty scale, it’s roughly a Wednesday-level puzzle. However, it was written for Strange Loop and thus does presume familiarity with functional programming and math, and has a few "inside jokes."
You can find the puzzle and the solution on the Strange Loop wiki.
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A Math Primer for Gentry’s Fully Homomorphic Encryption

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote What Is Homomorphic Encryption, and Why Should I Care? In that post, I promised to share my C# implementation of the algorithm from Craig Gentry’s CACM article. Before I can do that, though, I need to explain some of the math involved.
Perhaps surprisingly, it’s actually very simple. (I [...]

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Do You Recognize Math When You See It?

Jeff Atwood says:
On the other hand, I have not found in practice that programmers need to be mathematically inclined to become great software developers. Quite the opposite, in fact. This does depend heavily on what kind of code you’re writing, but the vast bulk of code that I’ve seen consists mostly of the "balancing [...]

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