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In LINQ, Don’t Use Count() When You Mean Any()

If you have a list, array, or query in a C#/LINQ application and need to check and see if the list is empty, the correct way to do this is to use the Any() extension method:

if (q.Any())

Similarly, you can check to see if any elements in the list meet a certain condition:

if (q.Any(i => i.IsSpecial))

If [...]

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Don’t Depend Upon the ASP.NET Membership Tables

One very popular option for implementing user security in ASP.NET is to use Forms Authentication with the SQL Server membership provider. This provider creates several database tables to store user-related information, as well as a number stored procedures.
From time to time, a developer will attempt to add the ASP.NET Membership/Forms Authentication tables to their Entity [...]

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join in LINQ to SQL and LINQ to Entities Considered Messy, Redundant

In this post I will demonstrate that use of the join keyword in LINQ to SQL and LINQ to Entities is nearly always wrong. LINQ queries which you write with the join keyword are harder to read and write than queries you write using associations, and they require knowledge of database metadata which is not [...]

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Skip(0) in LINQ and Testing

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote In LINQ, Beware of Skip(0). In that post, I observed that calling Skip(0) on a query result in LINQ, which has no effect on the dataset returned, imposes a performance penalty with at least some LINQ providers. At the time I commented that there might be some desirable [...]

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Using jqGrid with ASP.NET MVC: Understanding LINQ Errors

If you spend enough time with the PagedList class that I’ve been using for paging in the method which supplies data to jqGrid, it’s a near-certainty that sooner or later you will see a LINQ error with Count in the call stack. The error may seem confusing, because it has nothing to do with Count. [...]

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