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F# Presentations at CodeMash 2016

I’ve been scouring the CodeMash accepted session list for talks featuring F#, and there are quite a few!

A Developer’s Journey from Object Oriented to Functional Programming, by Reid Evans
Async Everywhere!, by Stephen Cleary
Deep Dive into Deep Learning, by Gary Short
Functional Browser Automation Testing for Newbs, by Bryan Arendt
Programs that Write Programs: How Compilers Work, by [...]

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What Is the Name of This Function?

There is a function I need. I know how to write it, but I don’t know if it has a standard name (like map, fold, etc.). It takes one argument — a list of something — and returns a list of 2-tuples of equal length. Each tuple contains one item from the list and the [...]

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On Learning Programming and Math at Coursera

Coursera, Udacity, MIT Open Courseware, and other such sites are useful to me because they decouple the desire to learn college-level material from the expense and regulations of earning (another) diploma. The latter isn’t compelling to me today, but the former certainly is.
I’ve now taken three Coursera courses: Functional Programming Principles in Scala, Social Network [...]

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Strange Loop Crossword

I wrote a 15*15, NYT-style crossword puzzle for Strange Loop. On the NYT difficulty scale, it’s roughly a Wednesday-level puzzle. However, it was written for Strange Loop and thus does presume familiarity with functional programming and math, and has a few "inside jokes."
You can find the puzzle and the solution on the Strange Loop wiki.
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A Functional View of A Web Server

A few days ago, I opined that, "Web applications, as a class, are extremely easy to debug." I’m going to further explain why I think that is true by introducing a useful abstraction which you can employ when you are debugging a web application which doesn’t seem to do what is is intended to do.
When [...]

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Functional Programming in Delphi 2009 Video

The video of my CodeRage III presentation on Functional Programming in Delphi 2009 is available for download.

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My CodeRage Presentation: Functional Programming in Delphi 2009

I’ll be speaking at the CodeRage III virtual conference, on the subject of functional programming in Delphi 2009.  Here’s the (rather bland) abstract:
Delphi 2009 includes several new features well-suited to a functional style of programming.  We’ll explore the use of generics, anonymous methods, and new RTL types while introducing concepts from functional programming.
If you’ve been [...]

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Implementing Memoize in Delphi 2009

My last series on Delphi 2009’s generics was self-consciously investigating a corner case.  This post, however, is going to bring us back to Earth very quickly, so prepare for a steep descent!  I’m going to implement a useful, higher-order function, Memoize, using Delphi 2009’s generics and anonymous methods.
Memoization is a generic solution to the problem [...]

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Garbage Collection and Functional Programming

This post is going to be short and sweet, because the point is very simple: If you use a functional programming language (and, if you want to learn to think outside of the Delphi box, you should), then you will be using garbage collection.

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