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Embarcadero Change Manager To Support InterBase, Firebird

Embarcadero’s Change Manager will support InterBase (and Firebird) this fall, according to PM Gordan Lucas. He even has video evidence!
Change Manager 5.1.1 will add support for InterBase 2007 and 2009 databases to: compare, version, and synchronize schemas; compare, synchronize, move, and mask data; and compare, version, and monitor version configurations for compliance and tracking.
And for [...]

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All Access

Embarcadero’s DavidI and Mike Rozlog stopped by the Vertex Systems office on Wednesday to chat with us about Embarcadero’s plans for the near future and David’s personal developer wish list.
They told us about the All Access product, which had been officially released that day. One of the most interesting things about this product is that [...]

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