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Adding a [FixedLength] Attribute in Code-First Entity Framework

In Code First Entity Framework models, you can define the length of a string field with StringLengthAttribute, but you have to write code in OnModelCreating to indicate a CHAR/NCHAR fixed length field:

public class MyEntity
public int Id { get; set; }

public string FixedLengthColumn { get; set; }

public partial class MyContext : DbContext
public virtual DbSet MyEntities { [...]


How To Use Real Computer Science in Your Day Job

I’ll be speaking at Lambda Jam next week. Here’s the synopsis:
When you leave Lambda Jam and return to work, do you expect to apply what you’ve learned here to hard problems, or is there just never time or permission to venture outside of fixing “undefined is not a function" in JavaScript? Many of us do [...]

Provable Optimization with Microsoft Z3

A few months ago, some coworkers sent around a Ruby challenge. It appears simple, but we can sometimes learn a lot from simple problems.
Write a Ruby program that determines the smallest three digit number such that when said number is divided by the sum of its digits the answer is 20.
In case that’s not clear, [...]

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What Is the Name of This Function?

There is a function I need. I know how to write it, but I don’t know if it has a standard name (like map, fold, etc.). It takes one argument — a list of something — and returns a list of 2-tuples of equal length. Each tuple contains one item from the list and the [...]

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"Test-Only Development" with the Z3 Theorem Prover

In this post I’ll introduce a style of programming which may be totally unfamiliar and perhaps a bit magical to many readers. What if you could write a unit test for a problem and have your compiler automatically return a correct implementation? Call it "test only" instead of "test first." I’m going to translate the [...]

Emerging Languages Camp Part 4: Nimrod and Dao

This is the fourth post of my notes from Emerging Languages Camp last year. If you haven’t seen it already, you might want to read the Introduction to this series.
Nimrod: A new approach to meta programming
Andreas Rumpf
Homepage · Slides · Presentation
Nimrod’s creator, Andreas Rumpf, describes the language as a statically typed, systems programming language with [...]

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Strange Loop Crossword

I wrote a 15*15, NYT-style crossword puzzle for Strange Loop. On the NYT difficulty scale, it’s roughly a Wednesday-level puzzle. However, it was written for Strange Loop and thus does presume familiarity with functional programming and math, and has a few "inside jokes."
You can find the puzzle and the solution on the Strange Loop wiki.
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Delphi Developers: Go Buy CodeHealer

If you’re doing commercial Delphi development and you’re not already doing static analysis in your automated build, go buy CodeHealer now. Nick Hodges has arranged a 1/2 price special offer.
There is no good reason not to use static analysis. If you are the sort of person who doesn’t allow hints and warnings in your code, [...]

Kahn Racing Again

Philippe Kahn is once again competing in the Transpac (sailboat) Ocean race.
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Columbus Give Camp

If you’re a geek in the Central Ohio area, please consider volunteering for Columbus Give Camp, if your schedule permits.
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