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Administrative notes about this site.

This Blog Is Now (Officially) Free

I’ve been posting technical articles and source code on this blog for many years now, but I’ve never formerly specified a license for the material I’ve posted. Obviously, I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t want people to use what I’ve written, but I understand that my good intentions are not enough to provide the [...]

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Comment Spam Filters

There are two new comment spam filters on this blog server. Please email me with details (myfirstname_mylastname at acm dot org) if your legitimate comment is blocked. Thanks!
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Comment Moderation

The TeamB blog server runs WordPress, and is configured to hold comments for moderation (meaning that the rest of the world won’t see them until I approve them), unless you have posted an approved comment in the past. So feel free to comment on whatever topic you’d like to speak on in the comments section [...]

Learn Celestial Navigation

…in 15 minutes. Here’s a simple, quick, and free tutorial. It doesn’t say so, but I’m pretty sure this tutorial is only useful for folks in the northern hemisphere.

Comments on the TeamB Blog Server Aren’t Working Now

As the title says, you’ll be unable to comment on this blog right now, as the comment feature isn’t working on this server[...]

Get Well Soon, Nick

I just learned that Nick Hodges is in the hospital following an emergency appendectomy. Hope he’s feeling better soon!

Debugging Basics: The Call Stack

Every now and again someone will ask why they’re seeing a certain exception in their Delphi code in the Borland newsgroups, and I’ll frequently ask for a call stack so that I can give them a more accurate answer. I’m surprised at how often the response is, "How do I do that?" since to me the call stack is probably the debugging tool I use most frequently. So I’ve written a short introduction to the call stack.

Do You Still Use IE?

If so, you should turn off Active Scripting (yes, this will break a lot of web sites) or upgrade due to an unpatched security hole, confirmed by Microsoft, with exploits in the wild on more than 200 sites. You might also want to consider keeping an eye on your credit card statements.
Update: The official patch [...]

Off-Topic Reading

Nothing to do with programming here, but a couple articles I found worth a minute of my time…

VCL for .NET vs. WinForms Article Updated

I’ve updated my Choosing Between VCL for .NET and WinForms article to bring it up to date with Delphi 2006 and to include ECO.

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