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Software that I’ve written or worked on.

Let’s Build a Compiler… In F#!

I’m building a small compiler for a toy language which emits .NET executables, implemented in F#. Demo compilers are a dime a dozen, but there are a few things which make this project distinct:

No lexer or parser generators are used. The entire compiler is written from the ground up, and is intended to be fairly [...]

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InterBase PLANalyzer

InterBase PLANalyzer allows developers to easily understand the query optimization PLANs which InterBase uses to execute SQL statements by presenting them in graphical form. Additionally, it provides useful information on indices used by the queries at the click of a mouse, and delivers the most accurate read statistics available anywhere.

InterBase Performance Monitoring: Vision and Control

With InterBase 7 and higher, InterBase now provides insight into and control
over the internal functions of the server via the temporary system tables. This article focuses on practical use of the feature.

InterBase Performance Monitor

InterBase Performance Monitor is a free utility which assists in administering an InterBase 7 server. The tool allows you to easily see (and optionally alter) who and what is consuming resources on your InterBase 7 server.

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