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New InterBase Partner DVD In Progress

The next version of InterBase is nearing completion, and, as always, will include a Partner DVD with demo versions of third-party tools supporting InterBase. If you are an InterBase Partner, you should have already been notified of how to submit your product.
If you produce a tool or component supporting InterBase and have not already received [...]

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Want to Beta Test the Next Version of InterBase?

The InterBase roadmap says that the next version will probably include native 64 bit and Windows 7 support, cloud deployment, and enhance password security. Want to help beta test it? You can sign up now.
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InterBase 2009 Hotfix Update 3

InterBase 2009 Hotfix Update 3 (version is out. See the readme for the full list of bug fixes.
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Embarcadero Change Manager To Support InterBase, Firebird

Embarcadero’s Change Manager will support InterBase (and Firebird) this fall, according to PM Gordan Lucas. He even has video evidence!
Change Manager 5.1.1 will add support for InterBase 2007 and 2009 databases to: compare, version, and synchronize schemas; compare, synchronize, move, and mask data; and compare, version, and monitor version configurations for compliance and tracking.
And for [...]

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InterBase 2009 Hotfix Update 2

IB 2009 Hotfix Update 2 is available for download, and includes many bug fixes.
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A Not-So-Secret Sale

Upscene Productions is offering their Database Workbench Pro product for 75% off, through 28 March 2009 only. They call this the "Super Secret Sale," but since Martijn asked me to post it here, I’m not sure how much of a secret it is. Anyway, 75% off is about as cheap as you’ll ever find it, [...]

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SQL Performance Tuning Book Includes InterBase

SQL Performance Tuning, by Peter Gulutzan and Trudy Pelzer, "is a guide for users and programmers who want to improve SQL performance no matter what brand of SQL they use. … All the ideas have been tested against the eight leading DBMS applications."
I haven’t read this book, but someone in the newsgroups mentioned that it [...]


All Access

Embarcadero’s DavidI and Mike Rozlog stopped by the Vertex Systems office on Wednesday to chat with us about Embarcadero’s plans for the near future and David’s personal developer wish list.
They told us about the All Access product, which had been officially released that day. One of the most interesting things about this product is that [...]

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Data Structures for Time Records

Over the years, I’ve had a number of occasions to need to store information about when somebody worked on a certain job. Sometimes people will want to store the date the work was done and the number of hours the employee worked, where as other people will need to store the start time and the [...]

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SQLDA missing or incorrect version, or incorrect number/type of variables

The error in the title comes from InterBase. Actually, the full error is:
[DataDirect][ODBC InterBase driver][InterBase]Dynamic SQL Error, SQL error code = -804, SQLDA missing or incorrect version, or incorrect number/type of variables.
I’ve seen this error before when the wrong InterBase client (gds32.dll) version was loaded by the application, or when the wrong number of variables [...]

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