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Crossword No. 2

DotNetSlackers just published a crossword puzzle I created; you’ll see the grid below. The puzzle is focused on .NET and programming themes, including a Delphi reference here and there. The site editors wanted an article to go with the puzzle, so I wrote an article explaining how I created the puzzle. The article is full [...]

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Solution to Crossword No. 1

The solution to Crossword No. 1 is below the break.
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Crossword No. 1

Remember, Googling the clues is cheating.
Unfortunately, I have to post this as an image since WordPress’s editor screws with my CSS.
I’ll post the solution on Monday.

1. Article
4. Someone who works with you, but not for you
8. Memory
9. Camera part
10. AOL service
11. Fishy comment?
12. Division
14. Character encoding
18. Java [...]

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