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How to Think Like the Entity Framework Presentation Available for Free Download

My CodeRage presentation, "How to Think Like the Entity Framework (and why you might want to bother learning that in the first place)," is now available for free download.
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How to Think Like the ADO.NET Entity Framework at CodeRage 4

This coming Wednesday 9 September I’ll be doing a presentation at the free, online CodeRage 4 conference:
How to Think Like the ADO.NET Entity Framework
(and why you might want to bother learning to do so in the first place)
In order to use the ADO.NET Entity Framework effectively, you must understand its value-based data model, which is [...]

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Mike Rozlog to Speak to Columbus Architecture Group

Mike Rozlog, the product manager for the JBuilder and 3rdRail products for Embarcadero, will be speaking to the Columbus Architecture Group on Monday, April 6, at 6:00 p.m., on the subject of software archaeology. For more information on the topic, here is a slide deck for one of his previous presentations on the subject, and [...]

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Functional Programming in Delphi 2009 Video

The video of my CodeRage III presentation on Functional Programming in Delphi 2009 is available for download.

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My CodeRage Presentation: Functional Programming in Delphi 2009

I’ll be speaking at the CodeRage III virtual conference, on the subject of functional programming in Delphi 2009.  Here’s the (rather bland) abstract:
Delphi 2009 includes several new features well-suited to a functional style of programming.  We’ll explore the use of generics, anonymous methods, and new RTL types while introducing concepts from functional programming.
If you’ve been [...]

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Internationalizing InterBase at CodeRage

This coming Friday I’ll be presenting Internationalizing InterBase: Character Sets, Collations, and Encodings at CodeGear’s virtual conference, CodeRage[...]

Hawaiian Shirts and Booze

However, another myth surrounds that self-same conference which says that a totally different group of Microsoft employees (in no way connected to the honourable techies above) were indulging in stratagems and subterfuge. In the end, their actions left Borland founder Philippe Kahn with no alternative other than to deploy the Hawaiian shirt protocol…

InterBase DevCon Session Recorings Posted

These links allow you to read papers and see sample code from some of the InterBase sessions at Borland DevCon 2005.

New StarTeam Features Coming

Brian Rogers is blogging new StarTeam features announced at Borland DevCon. Did someone say new Merge and Visual Diff?

Tech Ed Speaker Auction

This is a great idea….

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