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On That Delphi 7 Virus and Ken Thompson’s Turing Award Speech

In 1984, Ken Thompson, the operating system and programming language pioneer, received the ACM’s Turing Award. In his short, highly-readable Turing Award speech, he describes "the cutest program I ever wrote." He notes that because the C compiler is written in C, it is possible to alter the source code maliciously to produce a malicious [...]

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The ADO.NET Entity Framework vs. NHibernate and Other ORMs

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had occasion to look fairly closely at the ADO.NET Entity Framework, and compare it to NHibernate. Of course, before I even started, I went out and read what other people had to say on the subject. Many people point to this post by Dan Simmons as approximating the "official" Microsoft position on the subject, and commenters around the web seem to focus specifically on what band calls "a [not yet delivered, but] much larger vision of an entity-aware data platform." That’s interesting, but there are differences which exist today which are perhaps even more interesting.

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Here are some recent papers which caught my attention. Generally speaking, you need to have a subscription to the ACM’s Digital Library to read them, but if one of these seems interesting let me know in comments and I can discuss it in more detail.

Dependent classes discusses a somewhat more flexible, proposed alternative to nested [...]

Goto Considered Harmful?

Dijkstra never said, "Goto considered harmful."

ACM Classics Wiki

I mentioned earlier that the ACM was asking for nominations for classic CS books. The nominations have been received and the ACM has set up a wiki for comments on the books. The intent is to come up with a list of out of print classics for republication.

ACM to Publish CS Classics

ACM is launching a new initiative to revive classic, out-of-print, computer science books and make them available to members via the Professional Development Center and the Digital Library.

New, Efficient Sort Algorithm

This month’s issue of the Journal of the ACM presents an algorithm for in-place sorting which claims at worst O(n log n) comparisons and O(n) moves.

Safety First

From time to time folks see fit to publish lists of what the general priorities for developing a software project should be. The funny thing about these lists is that almost all of them omit what I consider to be the number one priority….

ACM Web Site Survey

If you’re an ACM member, or if you’re not a member but use their site a lot, please take this survey.

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